Bridge metaphors

The Pont du Gard is the logo for the epiStoa initiative. This masterpiece of Roman architecture and hydro-engineering also appears on the 5 € banknote, where it is to insinuate the idea of bridging countries through a common currency.
For the epiStoa initiative, it bears two more metaphorical shades:
First, the aqueduct also stands for the sempiternal flux of philosophical, political and scientific ideas while stepping over the centuries from antiquity up to the present day.
Second, epiStoa bridges generations throughout most of its activities to foster the propagation of Ancient Languages and European values.
The name "epiStoa" has a dual meaning. First, it combines "Epicurus" and "Stoa".
Second, the prefix "epi" is to insinuate that much has been built upon the ancient fundament.
The naming does obviously not intend to exclude any earlier philosophers.