Annual meetings, workshops, courses

epiStoa members meet at least once a year. The meetings include the general assembly, lectures for the general public, symposia and workshops. In 2023, the meeting took place in Verbania (Lago maggiore), Sep 28 - Oct 1.



In 2020, epiStoa started the publishing company Atticus which registered as a German limited liability company (GmbH) in Göttingen. This gives epiStoa the opportunity to publish on epiStoa topics under particularly favourable conditions.

Atticus publishes books, academic theses, and teaching material for pupils, students and the general public.

So far, four books have come out.


The epiStoa calendar

This quadrilingual calendar shows enchanting and enticing topics, ideas or concepts linking ancient Greece and Rome to our times.

The twelve calendar pages are authored by epiStoa members or by students (school or university).

Students are strongly invited to submit contributions. The best student work is awarded a prize.
The last prizes went to a student of a liceo classico near Milan/I, to students of a liceo in Bellinzona/CH and to students of an integrated grammar school in Oberursel/D. A guide how to make a page can be obtained here.

So far, the epiStoa calendar 2022 and the epiStoa calendar 2023 have appeared.


Network and community

Citizens with a background in ancient languages, Latin and/or Greek, amount to 1 to 10 % of the population, depending on the language and country considered.
epiStoa has set up the club of friends of epiStoa so that everybody can join in and participate.