epiStoa started as a Cooperative Association according to German Law (officially, epiStoa e.G., It is financially independent and it is democratic because the General Assembly has the ultimate saying and every member has exactly one vote in the Assembly. The governing organs are the Management Organ and the Supervisory Organ (present composition).
Being focused on Europe's languages and values, epiStoa is planned to take on the form of a European Cooperative (sce, societas cooperativa europaea) as soon as feasible. Citizens from all EU countries are therefore most welcome to join in.

The Articles of the Cooperative Association epiStoa (i.e., the statute) can be downloaded here (official version, in German). A corresponding English version which is identical as to all membership and financial points and planned to become the statute of the epiStoa sce can be found here. Key points regarding membership and membership fees/shares are also explained on this webSite under "Members".