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Ancient Greek Crash Course

Crash course of Ancient Greek in the Hellenikon Idyllion at the golf of Corinth.
Title: Speak and philosophize in Ancient Greek Date: June, 16th - 30th
Lecturer: Florian Feist, Berlin
Venue: Garden of the Muses, Selianitika near Aigion, Pelloponese

(among others, works by Herondas and Theokritos)


Modern Greek for Classicists

Ilias Kolokouris, a member of epiStoa, has published the book

Modern Greek for Classicists    (paperback, 252 pages, €24.88)
Greco Moderno per Antichisti    (paperback, 252 pages, €24.70)



Crash Course: Modern Greek on the fly.
Modern Greek for people with a background in Ancient Greek

People with some knowledge of Ancient Greek don't need to start from scratch when learning Modern Greek, since the writing and much of the vocabulary are known (or rapidly picked up).  
However, the phonetics of Modern and Ancient Greek differ markedly. The first step for Ancient Greek-infected persons is thus to get acquainted with the phonetics of Modern Greek and with the phonetic values of Modern Greek letters.

This crash course of Modern Greek phonetics is thus a fast-track entry into Modern Greek.

The course is organized in small groups and takes place at the Ellenikón Idýllion in Selianítika at the Northern shore of the Peloponnese in Greece.

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