Yearly Meetings, festivals, workshops, courses

The main meeting of the epiStoa community is a festival with plenary lectures, symposia and workshops on the central epiStoa topics. The festival is designed primarily for the junior generations and the general public.

The epiStoa Festival is a relatively rare event, coming up every two years. The yearly meetings, workshops or courses on specific epiStoa topics are interposed.


Network, community, visits, exchanges

Statistically, citizens with a background in Ancient Languages are a fairly small minority, about 1 to 5 % of society depending on the country considered, and, obviously, most members of this minority will never know each other.

To counteract the diaspora, epiStoa runs the epiStoa-community, a network that enables its members to know each other, organize exchange visits etc on a self-organized basis. This can be particularly helpful for pupils or students, but not only. 



Atticus is  the publishing branch of the epiStoa cooperative. Atticus publishes
- concise articles on epiStoa topics,
- translations of epiStoa-related books, and
- teaching and information material for pupils, students and the general public.