The goals of the epiStoa initiative are

- to show how today's world view is influenced by ideas born in European antiquity
- to follow these ideas from antiquity to the Renaissance, Humanism and the Age of Enlightenment

- to elucidate their impact on the development of European values, today's constitutions and the rule of law
- to foster the appreciation of the European values and convey them to the younger generations

- to develop teaching material intelligible to all in the following fields: basics of democracy, rule of law, constitutional law and human rights, and distribute it in various languages and countries, specifically those - like Poland and Hungary but not only - where the European Values have recently been challenged

- to promote the Ancient Languages Latin and Greek and to show
   - their influence on the modern European languages
   - their impact on the concepts and terminologies in medicine, laws, the humanities, natural and social
     sciences, arts

- to run a web-based platform of people sharing a classics background: the epiStoa-community.

The goals are tackled one by one in small specific projects.