I wish to become a member of the epistoa cooperative.

I have taken note of the Articles of the Cooperative Association epiStoa via the epiStoa webSite.
I have also taken note of the costs of membership
(i.e., 1 share = 100 € upon confirmation of membership and thereafter 60 €/a, due by the 15th of Jan).
I will transfer share and fees to the epiStoa bank account given below.
My application is automatically disregarded if the share payment is not received within a month from the membership confirmation date.
I may terminate my membership at any time in writing to the end of the year.
Upon request I shall send a copy of my ID card to identify myself as well as evidence for my background in the classical languages.
Terms for students:I may pay my share in 5 rates of 20 € and have a reduced yearly fee of 40 € over this period.

Please fill in the following fields:

Bank account data are not transmitted via this website. Instead, we ask you to agree to transfer your share and fees directly to the epiStoa Bank account:

Account holder: epiStoa e.G.
IBAN: DE89 3006 0601 0006 7634 33