Benefits of Membership

If you participate in exchanges, the savings normally over-compensate the yearly contribution of 60 €.

If you carry out a workshop, the remuneration is likely to compensate the yearly contribution by far.

epiStoa offers a number of minor services to its members (e.g., the management of student exchanges) which, depending on circumstances, can be duly compensated.

If you publish with epiStoa's Atticus, the resulting revenues, beyond a minimum number of items sold, is up to 50% of the item''s price.
In case you just wish to help the initiative, your contribution of 60 €/a serves the good purpose.
You are in the transition phase between secondary school and university
but not sure which faculty or bachelor course to go for?
Then you can get independent advice and help from epiStoa members being university professors in various faculties and experienced in this kind of questions. Please send an e-mail (to explaining your specific situation including the deadlines of your options, and you will be contacted.