epiStoa and its community is an increasingly large group of people who appreciate the significance and importance of the Ancient Languages and the European values.
The members of epiStoa and its community are distributed over all generations and across many countries.
Everybody with a classical language background or who wants to see the Ancient Languages and the European values promoted is welcome to join!
If you wish to join epiStoa, please read the following.
To join you may use this form, or, if you have further questions, please send an e-mail to and we will be happy to answer them or contact you.
Regular members may be actively involved in some kind of epiStoa activity (e.g., publishing) or they play some role in running the cooperative.
Presently, teachers as well as school and university students in the fields of history, politics, Latin or Greek are highly welcome to collaborate with publication projects. If you are interested, please don't hesitate to send us an e-mail ( and ask for details or more information.
Members also elect the Managing Board and the Advisory Board of the cooperative. Presently, this is the composition of the Managing and Supervisory Boards.
In addition to regular membership, there is an epiStoa community. Community members are supposed to have an educational background in Latin or Ancient Greek. Joining the epiStoa community is free, and there are no obligations whatsoever. The community is made for people who do not want to join any club, association, cooperative, etc, but are still feeling to belong to the Ancient Languages community.
 If you don't have a background in the Ancient Languages, you can nonetheless join as investing member*.
Investing member is a technical juridical term regarding cooperatives. While there are cooperatives where members invest money with the purpose of profit, this is normally not the case in cooperatives having cultural goals such as epiStoa. Here, investing members just support the cooperative, its activities and goals.