Festivals, workshops, courses

The main meeting of the epiStoa community is a festival with plenary lectures, symposia and workshops on the central epiStoa topics. The festival is designed primarily for the junior generations and the general public. The first epiStoa Festival is scheduled for the late summer 2019.

The epiStoa Festival is a relatively rare event, coming up every two years. In the meantime workshops or courses on specific epiStoa topics are interposed.


Network, visits, exchanges

Statistically, citizens with a background in Ancient Languages are a fairly small minority, about 1 to 5 % of society depending on the country considered, and, obviously, most members of this minority will never know each other. However, the epiStoa initiative sets up a network through the membership directory which enables members to know each other, to meet and to organize exchange visits on a self-organized basis.

For instance, a host may simply help another member in organizing a vacation comfortably,  or a host may host the guest for a day, a couple of days or for a longer time, particularly in case of a pupil's or student's stay, or hosts and guests may set up an exchange.

Differently from Erasmus stays, (exchange) visits are set up across generations so that junior members are helped and mentored by local members of the community.

If you plan a stay or an exchange visit, epiStoa may help you with stipends and/or practical advice.
Please, send an inquiry to



Atticus is  the publishing branch of the epiStoa cooperative. Atticus publishes concise articles on epiStoa topics as well as teaching and information material for pupils, students and the general public. Also, some of the above activities may lead to a publication with Atticus.