epiStoa community

epiStoa is based on a group of people whose  school background comprises Latin or Greek, and who are interested in pushing the epiStoa goals.
In case you have this  background and wish to see the European Values as well as the Ancient Languages promoted, please

join the epiStoa community.  There are no registration fees or any other charges.

The epiStoa community, which has been set up in November 2018, serves
- to become a large and representative forum of people with similar background in the Ancient Languages
- to support the epiStoa initiative in an idealistic way and without any financial obligations
- to facilitate the communication among its members who are spread over many countries
- to allow a loose connection to the epiStoa cooperative without any permanent or financial involvement.
People having a Latin/Greek school background are usually convinced that, on that basis, you can carry out virtually all academic professions, but there are no reliable data on this point. Therefore registering to the epiStoa community includes the data item profession.
The resulting spectrum of professions will be updated and published on a yearly basis, obviously leaving out all personal data.
This information is potentially interesting for the public, especially for parents and young pupils.
The epiStoa community is promoted by the epiStoa cooperative. Community members can become regular epiStoa members when they decide to get involved into an epiStoa project. In any case, community members are welcome to contribute to the epiStoa Magazine pages.